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There are very few people who perhaps know the actual virtue of having VISA. VISA- Visitors Intended Stay Abroad. As the name suggests, it is meant for all those visitors who wants to stay abroad for a particular time period. They are allowed to enter and stay in other country only if they have this authorization paper in the form of VISA.

Surely, getting VISA is more complex than getting your passport. That’s right, getting VISA is time consuming and much complicated process. As, this process includes VISA interview also. But V.S. International makes this complicated process quite simple just for its customers in addition to providing VISA Assistance and consultation services.

Don’t get fooled by local agents as they charge money for your work but never done your work on time. Coz you never know, what paper may left at the end in documentation and you will need to postpone your stay in abroad.

So, for all of your VISA related requirements (like registration of VISA, its extension, restricted area permit, entry conversion or even exit permission) trust the most experienced VISA Assistance in Delhi – V.S. International to seek our assistance for your visit plan to any country.

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